Laser Treatments in Fort Wayne, IN

Discover the incredible results of laser hair therapy from The Personal Touch in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This process stimulates the hair follicles to promote natural hair growth. We maintain flexible hours at our hair loss control clinic, and if you have any questions, please give us a call to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation to answer any questions you may have and to get a better understanding of how the procedure works.

Putting Science to Work for You

Laser hair therapy blocks DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss) to stop hair loss, but also promote the regrowth of fuller, thicker hair. This noninvasive treatment takes place in a professional and confidential environment. Our programs are physician directed.

Our Doctors Reviews

Re-growing hair is what this program does. My patients respond overwhelmingly to these products. Almost all have stopped hair loss and re-grown hair with none of the scalp irritation they experienced with other products.
—Dr. S. Michael Fuhrman, D.O.
This line really offers my patients a qualiy product free of sodium laureth sulfate)and it is gentle on the scalp, yet provides a thorough and effective cleansing that leaves a remarkable radiance to the hair.
—Samuel M. Lam, M.D.
Most shampoos contain sodium laureth sulfate derivatives. Whereas the HLCC™ Scripts hair care line thoroughly cleans the hair and scalp of my patients without damaging their already weak hair.
—Bret J. Rodgers, M.D.